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There are very few places in the world that have water color and clarity like the water splitting up the thousands of cays in the Exumas. From north to south we made our way zigzagging through these islands. We first showed up to Shroud Cay where we anchored in a small bay and woke up the next morning and took the dinghy up a long mangrove channel with tons of marine life. We brought the dinghy around to a small private beach that we had all to ourselves. I'll let the photos do most of the talking on this blog post.. 

Making our way south from Shroud Cay we heard from some locals we had to stop at a place called "The Aquarium" and wow were they right! I've never seen so many colors underwater. Completely surrounded by fish everywhere you look, we were lucky enough to get to have this reef all to ourselves.

Just around the corner was a secluded bay that we were welcomed by a large stingray feeding. The water was so clear there were rainbows rolling across the sandy bottom of the flats. We continued to a sunken plane we heard about with ten knot currents fighting us while swimming and trying to photograph it. Back to the boat and southbound once again!

Next we anchored just outside Staniel Cay where the famous pigs on the beach are (so weird, definitely don't waste your time going here) and an underwater cave you have to swim in at low tide that was in an old James Bond movie.

Following Staniel Cay, we continued south to Iguana Island before going to Georgetown, where we did  some work on the boat and had a rotation in our crew. Thanks Stefano! We left from Georgetown to Clarence Town and topped off water and fuel before making the three and a half day crossing to the Dominican Republic.

The next collection of photos where just snapshots of the different water colors, textures and exposure times throughout the Exuma Islands.

Below is a link to the video I made for the Exuma Island chain. Keep an eye out for the next blog post on the Dominican Republic!

Sailing, Snorkeling and Exploring Exuma: Vlog Two

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