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Sorry for the lack of blog posts lately, we've had quite the adventure exploring The Bahamas in depth. We arrived to Eleuthera in the middle of the night from Nassau with no plans in mind. The infamous Glass Window was right off the stern when we woke up for sunrise. The Glass Window is where the deep navy blue waters of the Atlantic barely flow into the crystal clear teal waters of the Caribbean at high tide. We took the dinghy into land, we noticed a sign across the street that read "Queens Bath" so we thought we'd go check it out. It's a series of tidal pools that fill with saltwater at high tide and you can swim in them at low tide, creating a natural infinity pool overlooking the Atlantic.

From the Queens Bath we began to make our way north towards Harbor Island. You can only get to Harbor Island by small ferry. A short ten minute boat ride brings you to a small, but very nice marina. You can tell this is where the bulk of the tourism is for the area of Eleuthera. We made our way out to the famous Pink Sand Beach on Harbor Island. The pink sand is formed by combining white sand and broken up coral that washes up on the beach, quite the sight to see. We continued to explore the island trying conch fritters from multiple vendors and shacks around the island before catching the last ferry of the day back to mainland Eleuthera. A nice guy gave us a lift twenty-five minutes down the island to where our boat was anchored.

Picking up anchor the following morning we continued making our way south down the Caribbean side of Eleuthera Island. Our next spot we stopped we were guided in by a pod of dolphins who were playing at the bow of the boat as we surfed the waves south. Waiting out a two day long storm I was able to get a bit of surf in on the Atlantic side of the island. Found a nice little shack to stay out of the sun while I wasn't in the water.

After the storm passed the seas began to calm and we kept following the shoreline southbound. Stefano from Italy joined the crew and the adventures in the southern portion of Eleuthera. Adam, Stefano, Paige, Cody and I had heard of a secluded beach that we had to checkout if we had time. Lighthouse Point, the furthest point south of the island took four different rides hitchhiking and about a four mile walk but it was well worth it! We had the whole place to ourselves. We began to walk back and shortly realized we weren't nearly as lucky with rides on this side of the island. Preparing for a 15+ mile walk back with limited water in flip flops, it was going to be a long afternoon. Everyone on the island was extremely friendly, a school bus passed and gave us a ride further into town where we managed to catch a ride to our next destination. Spider Cave, multiple rooms with vines and roots surrounding the cave was not something you'd expect being just barely above sea level. Always an adventure on these islands...

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